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    Everyone has a few teams whose defeats give them gratuitous bouts of >>> schadenfreude.

    Which 5 in order give you that feeling? (5 so we have a larger spread >>> across leagues):
    1st - 5 points
    2nd - 4 points
    3rd - 3 points
    4th - 2 points
    5th - 1 point

    Responses will be totaled to see the most hated teams on RSS.

    1. Man Utd
    2. Barca
    3. Real Madrid
    4. PSG
    5. Sevilla

    To me, the answers are different between international and domestic football.


    1 Austria Salzburg
    2 Rapid Wien
    3 Grazer AK
    4 Admira Wacker
    5 RB Salzburg


    1 Toronto Map... oh wait. Inter

    WHy ?
    I thoroughly dislike the Ultr|a mindset, holier-than-thou attitudes and
    a sense of entitlement, especially an absoluted unwarranted one.

    In my view, the clubs I named and their fans possess at least one of the above
    qualities in abundance, and in some cases all three.
    Did they not have an Austrian star for many years (Prohaska, der

    So what? Way before my time. Also, a long time ago when I lived for a while in
    Milan I was a fervent Milanista, although truth be told that attachment has long since died down, not even the embers glowing anymore.
    I might have to reconsider that statement.
    By accident, I found myself in Milan on Monday evening, and got swept up in
    the scudetto celebrations, open-top bus and everything. Amazing atmosphere overall.
    But my dislike for
    Inter has remained undiluted, which I guess kind of shows that negative emotions
    are stronger than positive ones? Or is it just me?
    All those little kids in red and black chanting invectives at |calhano-flu, and more
    generally all things black and blue. Heartwarming.
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