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    It always tasted the same to me in my drinking days.
    I couldn't taste any difference in any of the brands.
    One thing I didn't like was lite beer. I didn't want to pay for a
    watered down beer.
    When asked if I wanted a lite beer I always said no, I wanted hi-test,
    the real thing. :)

    I began my drinking, as a kid, with what we called Hi-Test (5.65% ABV vs 5.0 for most beers; now we have a few 8% dark ales I prefer the flavour of.

    I was on a tobacco run with a neighbour across the border, into the USA, & we would hit a pub for a couple hours, to enjoy a jug or two & conversation, & maybe a few pull-tabs.

    He ordered the first jug & it went quickly enough (August); while he was in the washroom, I ordered the next jug (Bud, I think); he came back, took one sip, & noted I hadn't bought Lite -- I asked why he'd want Lite when regular was the same price -- he directed me to look through each jug & note the floating crap all throughout the full strength one, & the clarity of the Lite.

    I now prefer a clear beer in the summer hot days (Corona will do,. but no darned piece of fruit, please) and, as my Brit ancestors do, a dark beer(stout) in the winter; I buy a 6 of each a year & I'm happy -- I buy a couple 6s of De- alcoholized beer -- my fave is Budweiser's Prohibition Beer. (It's Bud, but brewed up here to our strength standards (5%, vs I think the max of yours is 3.5% federally set?); our Lite is3.5% on average.

    Its so funny wen 19-20 year olds come up here to drink early, & set to out- drinking a Canadian sot, & 2 beers in, they're out! He finishes the 6, & orders another bucket of 6! :D

    I rarely drink beer any more
    I had two when in NYC in May 2019, at a neighbourhood bar.

    I like popping in to a new pub; I order a pint of draft(whjateverschjeasperst, I ay, as it;s all the same taste to me) & a side of fries, to check out their beer, service, prices, & cooking. . . (& how much attitude I get for ordering
    'the cheapest"

    In the mid-90s I worked as a front gate cashier for a local amusement
    park three days a week. (At the time I was working like four or five differen
    jobs at the same time, part time. Some where a half days with the morning
    at one place and another that af
    Anyway, it was a hot, humid August day. There was no breeze, the air
    was stagnant and just miserable out.
    I thought a cold beer would be nice after work so got a six pack of Sam Adams. That was really good stuff. Rich, strong, thick.
    I had a bottle and a half and the rest was in the fridge for months.

    I've had Sam Adams, & read the story, too. . . Not bad 00 your basic lager (5% up here)

    When the kids want the high test, just to get drunk, I point out that you don't drink beer to get drunk; you drink beer because you like/want/need to pee; to get drunk you drink whiskey (rye, scotch, bourbon, vodka, tequila, etc--I call the 40% ones all whiskeys, by for their associated country (Mexican, Russian, etc.

    For the ladies, when I was single, I kept a bottle of Southern Comfort on hand, for a little Apres Amour drink or two.

    Thanks for the offer on the links to the car vids, but I'm not a big fan or understander of cars. . . So I'll pass for myself. . . :) I bet others would like them in here, though! & I know people I could pass such a list on to, who would appreciate the pop down memory lane. . .

    I have a couple preferred vehicles, I'd love to have all of: Ford F-350 pickup truck
    '69 Cougar (w/ the wrap-around tail lights)
    '67 Mustang (w/original leather buckets)
    new Bugatti (just for the pure luxury & smooth ride) Mercedes 45-SL (soft top convertible) One of the new electric Porsche SUVs (they've won races against other stock gas-powered cars; normally placing 1st or 2nd only on the oval tracks.)
    & a Bluebird yellow school bus, with all the seats ripped out & turned into a touring party bus (jacuzzi, a soundproofed music area with high wattage sound, a bar, of course, & a bouncer or two.); plus an area set up like an RV for comfortable living (the guests can pass out anywhere in the front area, while I rest & eat with all the comforts and ease due an older(on the younger side of senior) human being. (this may not be as such, as I've aged & matured since this dream was first an idea); I could still rent it out, to those who wouldn't mind using it to party in somewhere along a route I've already chosen for myself. (ride sharing of a different nature)

    Those are the only ones that have struck my interest in my life -- Oh, & maybe a wacky VW Bug or two (like one tricked out like a Cessna plane, & another as a convertible, covered in seashells)

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