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    From George Pope@1:153/757 to Joe Mackey on Tue Jun 14 23:35:58 2022
    CP wrote --
    I would have continued working, maybe, had I not been considered a work
    horse who was on call 24/7 and to drop everything and hurry off somewhere at the last minute.
    Up here, if you were "on call" you have to be paid $15.65/hour for that time,
    No such thing as that in security. Its over time after 40 hours and
    that's it.

    If you're given 40 hours of scheduled shifts, then everything you do beyond that is OT?

    Naturally employers still try to sneak it past people. . .
    I had a captain one time who liked to jerk people around. He would have someone on one post one day, the next day another, the third day a third post, etc.
    Each post had its own time sheet. At the end of the week they were all collected, time added up, etc.
    He often would "lose" a time sheet. When the employee inquired about the missing pay he would claim they never worked that post and not getting paid. Caused a lot of hard feelings and also cost the company a lot of employees.

    This is why I check how often a company hires new staff before applying; trying to avoid such. . .

    I was in parking at the time and never happened to me, we had copies of
    our time sheets, signed off by someone in authority. The head of parking,
    and if she wasn't around the chief of police. If he wasn't around it went on
    down the chain of command. Onc
    Carolyn, my civilian boss, wanted a copy for her files and we had a copy
    to CYA.

    I have a copy of every schedule sent out, & every email from the company, or from me to it -- it's come in handy -- I just had to, once, reply to a 6-month old email regarding a topic, & then they knew I had records & everything's been copacetic since.. .

    The owner is quite honest, but he used to have a bookkeeper that took a disliking to me. He even took to telling other staff to get a copy of anything from me, if they didn't believe him on something.

    I get her attitude -- she was 1,000% loyal to the owner, & misunderstood a notation I'd made regarding lunch time away from office. I set my alarm on my
    phone to give me a 20-minute lunch, then mark what it was I was gone. I was gone 22 minutes one day, & put that in, but the guy I went to eat with just marked down a flat 30 daily, without checking (he'd also been out 22-25 that day.); I said nothing, knowing my actions would bear me out to my boss, & knowing she was hyper loyal to him, & that worked for me, as was/am I!

    I was eal sad when, after he'd do me a favour by switching a shift in the schedule, & then he would, same day,. ask for a favour (extra half shift or something(paid, of course), as I knew it was because the youngsters don't keep track of how he gets a favour in the bank for later. Again, I let my actions prove myself & he caught on quickly enough. As I have come to expect from working directly for owners, who have a vested interest in things going well on all levels & angles. They will not abuse nor insult me, because I'm worth money in the bank. When I make mistakes, I get a gentle word to the wise, while others might be fired the same day for a similar gaffe.

    Raises happen regularly & without my asking, because a good owner knows the value of their staff & knows the value to a competitor I could be, if I needed(&, natch, deserved) more money than I was getting.

    I've only worked for good owners, so I'm the only guy I know with no bad boss stories or complaints! I like it that way -- another way to live long -- don't get stress.

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