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    From JOE MACKEY@1:135/392 to ALL on Sat Oct 1 05:12:52 2022
    Revised 1 August 2017

        FidoNet is a "Virtual Community" where we are all
    representative of the population. Each ECHO is like a
    neighborhood of the virtual community. The MEMORIES echo is _our_ neighborhood. Let's keep it a nice place to hang out.

        This is the Memories Echo. It is a non region specific
    conference dedicated to all persons interested in nostalgia and
    trivia, with some related chatter on subjects of interest to
    seniors. It's a bit like the pot bellied stove in the old general
    store. Conversations usually start with reminiscing of something
    from the past, but seem to lead in many directions, which the
    Moderator generally tolerates so long as it's civilized
    conversation and doesn't violate any of the specific rules below.
    It's a group of fun to be around folks. Come on in.

        The Moderator may appoint a successor, or call an election
    any time by posting an announcement in the echo. Such
    announcement shall define the rules of, time frame for, and the
    names of those responsible for monitoring and publishing the
    results of the election. In the event of the death or incapacity
    of the Moderator, the Co Moderator shall have all the rights
    ascribed to the Moderator.

        This is a FidoNet Backbone Echo, and, as such, adheres to
    FidoNet regulations for echoes.
        _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _

        This echo is dedicated to the loving MEMORIES of:

    Ronni Toth, its founder, and Kent Anderson, her successor
    moderator, and to Bill White who left us for personal reasons.

    May we keep the high standards they set for us.
        _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _

        This echo is open to everyone who complies with the
    following rules:

    1. Topics may be broad, but not stray too far from the purpose of
    the echo and that is to share germane conversation with those
    having a common interest in things past. Excessive chatter, if
    not related to times past, will be considered off topic.

    2. DON'T get personal! Personal attacks (flames) and profanity
    are unnecessary and unwelcome in this echo. And keep it clean:
    This is a family echo. Risque remarks and off color taglines will
    cause a Moderator response.

    3. Present day religion and politics, NO!

    4. Only the Moderator will address off topic traffic. If a fellow
    participant tries to moderate you, just ignore them. If someone
    insults you, do not respond in kind: nothing hurts more than
    being ignored. If necessary, send e mail to a moderator.

    5. NO private messages.

    6. Handles or aliases allowed in part of your BBSing with the
    addition of your real name at the end of the message.

    7. No test messages, nor advertisements of any kind (including
    BBS ads) allowed.

    8. This conference may not be ported to any other network's mail
    system without the express written permission of the Moderator.
    Porting or gating the echo into the Internet or to any Usenet
    newsgroup is expressly forbidden. Note: The carrying of the
    echoes by an Internet site is all right, provided that any

    messages originating from that site, if not within this
    conference's rules, are subject to corrective action by the

    9. Overquoting: Remember to delete those parts of the message
    that don't relate to your reply. Leave just enough so that others
    can pick up on what's going on, or refresh their memories if they
    read the original post. NEVER, EVER requote signature, origin
    lines, addresses, nor taglines unless they are pertinent to what
    you're saying.

    10. Underquoting: It is most distressing to see part of a message
    and a response, and have no idea as to what either of the
    messages relates. Do your quoting intelligently, and leave enough
    info to be certain that even a disinterested party will know
    what's going on. This faux pas is often related to, and could be
    mitigated by following:

    11. Subject not related to the topic of the message. All too
    often a message that started on a particular subject takes
    another tack. Unless the poster replying changes the subject, the
    message bears no relation to its indicated topic. Please try to
    remember when replying to see that the subject matter and the
    subject are in agreement.

    12. These guides are subject to change at any time. If you find a
    way to be annoying, we will make a rule to cover it.

    13. These rules condense into four words:  "Be Nice   Have Fun"

    Joe Mackey
    Huntington, WV

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