• All Known IBBS League Games?

    From Martin Kazmaier@1:340/1101 to All on Tue Mar 28 16:21:00 2023
    Is there such a list? I'd like to see it, I keep finding more that aren't on League 10 or 618 that I would love to be a part of. I'd love to see a list
    of all IBBS capable games (other than through door party, bbs link or the
    like; actual IBBS Support).

    So far I know of (In no particular order)
    The plethora of Mike Jordan Games
    Freecell, Wahoo and Blackjack Tournament versions
    IBBS Blackjack
    Arrowbridge I & II
    Lore (This is on league10, but I've never received packets)
    Zombie, Mega and 8-way Slots
    InterLORD and LORDNet
    Global War
    BRE, FE and TAL
    Interstellar Annhilation (also was on league 10, but not currently)

    Those all have leagues...
    Iron Ox, For Honour, Galaxy Dynasty 1&2 don't seem to have any leagues.
    Then there's Board Master, but it doesn't seem to support fossils.
    The Sunrise games used to be on DGN, but I think they require a Sunrise
    server which doesn't exist any more.

    Did I leave anything out? I'd love to see more!

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